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OUR brand new Legoland Discovery Centre has certainly made a splash since opening, with numerous TV news crews coming down to take a look inside this brilliant attraction.

The VIP launch saw Manchester City players and soap stars mingling with your Mall Rat amongst the bricks, and enjoying the fantastic 4D cinema. (In case you don’t know, if 3D is when the images seem to reach out and touch you, then 4D is when images really do reach out and touch you! In this case, real snow, rain and wind lash your face as you laugh at the trials of Bob the Builder – it really took our breath away.)

We found this lovely film on YouTube made by some big fans of Lego – which shows the inside of the Legoland Discovery Centre for those of you who haven’t seen it yet. You can see from the smiles on the children’s faces that Lego must be getting it right – and if the reaction of the children I took to the launch is anything to go by, then LDC is in for a busy year!

My favourite part has to be the Miniland – with miniature replicas of famous landmarks made entirely of Lego. And pride of place in the Manchester scene is your very own Trafford Centre – with a Lego dome, and a mini Barton Square.

It must take months to create these sculptures, and a lot of talent – but it is a very weird feeling to stand next to a little version of where you work.

Another highlight is the café – which sells healthy snack options for kids at very reasonable prices. I was impressed that it wasn’t all turkey twizzlers, but some good juice and fruit options. The last thing kids at Legoland need is a sugar rush – they will be excited enough as it is!

HAVE you been to LDC yet? Let me know what you think!


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